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2 x 12" 300mm Quick Release Wood Working Bar F Clamp Squeeze

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2 x 12" 300mm Quick Release Wood Working Bar F Clamp Squeeze
2 x 12" 300mm Quick Release Wood Working Bar F Clamp Squeeze


Size:300 mm (12 in)
Action:RatchetingType:Bar Clamp/F-Clamp


  • A high quality heavy duty ratchet F-clamp set. This tool is used as an extra hand when woodworking or metal working where gluing, welding or bolting is required. Easy to reverse jaws and turn the tool from a clamp to a spreader/stretching tool. Pistol-like anti-slip grip with squeeze trigger tightens clamp, quick-release at the press of a button. Soft PVC pads provide superior grip and protect delicate finishes without damaging the surface being clamped onto. An ideal tool for wood/metal work, building, mechanical use or DIY enthusiasts.
  • Ratchet Mechanism Allows Tightening of Jaws by Simply Squeezing Handle
  • Ideal Tool for Woodwork, Building, Mechanic use or DIY enthusiast
  • Features 2 Modes: Clamping or Spreading/Stretching
  • Quick release action with the Push of a Button
  • Solid Plastic Tool Durable, Sturdy & Safe
  • The clamp opens to 12” / 300mm
  • Easy To Switch Between 2 Modes
  • Anti-Slip Comfortable Grips
  • Quick & Easy to Use Tool
  • Soft non-marking pads
  • Packing: hang tag
  • Hard plastic body
  • Black finished bar

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2 x 12" 300mm Wood Working Bar F Clamp


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