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6 Pcs 22-50mm Cutting Discs Set Circular Saw Blade With Extension Rod

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6 Pcs 22-50mm Cutting Discs Set Circular Saw Blade With Extension Rod
6 Pcs 22-50mm Cutting Discs Set Circular Saw Blade With Extension Rod


Feature:HSS/Premium Quality/Multipurpose/Multi Size
Type:Saw Blade/Circular Blade/Cutting DiscsSaw Blade Type:Circular Saw Blade
Sub-Type:Circular Saw BladesEAN:5032759034031


Premium Quality - Made of high-quality special steel, so the defects of other blades can be effectively resolved. Better And Faster - High-Speed Steel blades set for accurate, fast, and precision cutting, can be completed in 2 minutes.
Multipurpose - Suitable for timber, plastic, fiberglass, copper, aluminum & thin sheet metal, etc. soft metal. An indispensable tool for carving work.
Cutting Sheet Maintenance - The cutting piece at least six months to a year before grinding the operation is also very simple.
Widely Used - HSS Segmented Saw blade for continuous cutting in wood, drywall, plastic, copper, aluminum, other nonferrous metals, and soft materials.

  • Occasion: Home / Industrial / Workshop / Mechanic / Engineer / DIY
  • Feature: HSS / Premium Quality / Multipurpose / Multi Size
  • Product Type: Saw Blade / Circluar Blade / Cutting Discs
  • Size: 22/25/32/35/45/50 0.7/0.8 x 6.35mm
  • Extension rod Diameter: 3.17mm
  • Extension rod Length: 4mm
  • Material: High-speed steel

Please Note: Must tighten the screw before using it. Because electric mill is a high-speed operation tool, with a certain risk. The further rod must be clamped at the position of two-thirds above. The speed must be controlled within 20,000 rpm. Do not press hard cut to hard things, remember the safe operation is the first! Please take good protection.

Package Content

1 x 6pcs HSS Saw Blade
1 x Extension Rod


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