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AC/DC Voltage Resistance /Genuine Industrial Digital Clamp Meter

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AC/DC Voltage Resistance /Genuine Industrial Digital Clamp Meter
AC/DC Voltage Resistance /Genuine Industrial Digital Clamp Meter


Test/Measurement Functions:AC Voltage, DC Voltage, ResistanceEAN:6935750520307


Electrical Direct, a company of PASS LTD, is a UK-based UNI-T distributor. This meter is supplied directly from UNI-T and is 100% the genuine article. Don't get caught out buying counterfeit goods or waiting several weeks buying fake items from China - get the real, authentic item and get it within days from a fully accredited test equipment supplier. A multifunctional AC and DC clamp meter, the UT203 performs accurate testing of current and other associated electrical parameters. Equipped with 28mm capacity jaws, the UT203 is best suited to smalter conductors such as individual wires. When clamped on it can measure AC/DC current from 40A up to 400A with basic accuracy of 4(2.5% + 5 for AC / 2,5% + 3 for DC) and it shows a reading on its built-in, 4000 count LCD screen. A number of other measurement functions are also included: the UT203 can test AC voltage from 4V to 600V, DC voltage from 400mvV to 600V, resistance from 4600 to 40MQ and frequency from 10Hz to 1MHZz. It doesn't stop there either, the UT203 includes a number of useful advanced functions designed to make your testing life easier! Examples of these functions include autoranging range selection, duty cycle and diode testing, auto power off and a handy data hold function that'll store the last value taken on the screen temporarily. UNI-T's UT203 is CAT II 600V and CAT III 360V safety rated.

  • Measures both AC and DC current to 400AAC voltage measurements from 4V to 600V DC voltage measurements from 400mv to 600V
  • Frequency measurements from 10Hz to 1MHz 4000 count digital LCD displau
  • Data hold function temporarily stores the last value taken
  • Autoranging clamp meter 28mm jaw capacity
  • Resistance calculations from 4000 to 40OMO
  • Continuity testing with buzzer
  • Auto power off when left idle
  • Duty cycle/diode testing
  • Low battery indicator
  • Relative mode
  • Canying Bag
  • Test Lead
  • Battery

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1xDigital Clamp Meter


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