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Heavy Duty Bypass For Garden Secateurs Plant Cutters

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Heavy Duty Bypass For Garden Secateurs Plant Cutters
Heavy Duty Bypass For Garden Secateurs Plant Cutters


Type:Bypass Secateur


High quality pruner with bypass cutting action for easier pruning. Non stick coated blade protects against rust and corrosion. With comfortable cushion soft grip. With locking catch. 15mm cutting capacity. Expanding your gardening arsenal? This sturdy clippers snipper with ultra-sharp carbon blades and a safety lock (stay safe!) provide maximum cutting power to boost your yard.

These sturdy cutters are precise for accurate deadheading of flowers as well as trimming pesky branches. Designed to shape everything from vegetable plants to fruit trees, and annuals to perennials, you can use it everywhere. Carbon blades, known for their longevity, stay sharp for years. Plus, the indented sap groove makes it easy to clean so you can tend to your garden, not your pruner.

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1xPlant Cutters


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