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170 x 70 Wooden Pure Bristle Mix Ceiling Brush, Block Paint Brush Masonry Fence

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170 x 70 Wooden Pure Bristle Mix Ceiling Brush, Block Paint Brush Masonry Fence
170 x 70 Wooden Pure Bristle Mix Ceiling Brush, Block Paint Brush Masonry Fence


Bristle Type:Pure Bristle Mix
Type:Block BrushModified Item:No
MPN:TK-650017Custom Bundle:No
Brand:WokinBrush Firmness:Medium


  • 170 x 70 Wooden Pure Bristle Mix Ceiling Brush. 
  • Block Paint Brush. Masonry, Fence, Wallpaper Paste. 
  • Beautiful and unique, handmade, high quality pure bristle block brush! Great for painting or wallpaper pasting. Excellent for quick covering of larger areas such as masonry or fence painting. Works well as a dust brush too. 
  • Brush is made of natural bristle mix, a wooden handle and wooden base.
  • Our brushes are hand made with care by a second-generation family-owned manufacturer. We believe that good quality makes a great difference in a world full of mass produced goods. 
  • Specification (please note that all dimensions are approximate for reference only): 
  • Overall length: 230mm   (9.1") 
  • Head length: 80mm  (3.1") 
  • Bristle length (measured to wooden base): 60mm  (2.3") 
  • Head dimensions (wooden base): 170mm x 70mm  (6.7" x 2.8") 
  • Handle diameter (thickest point): 27mm  (1.1") 
  • Natural bristle paint brushes specifics and care. 
  • Natural bristle paint brushes are traditionally used for oil-based products. High paint absorption helps with paint spreading. In contact with water, natural bristles become soft which may affect performance. There are situations where pure bristle paint brushes may be used with water-based products, this may be to achieve a desired artistic effect. User discretion and consideration is required when choosing the right tool. 
  • Although great care is taken in selecting materials, as well as in the manufacturing process, we cannot guarantee no bristle loss. Breaking in a new brush is practised by many professional decorators. Natural bristles may also be conditioned by soaking in linseed oil for a few hours. Treating bristles with fabric or hair conditioner may prolong the life of the brush. For perfectly straight bristles wrap the brush in a paper when still wet and leave it to dry naturally.  
  • Pure bristle
  • Plastic(PP) handle

Package Content

1 x 1 Block Brush


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