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Repair Opening Pry Tool 4 in 1 For iPad iPhone 4, 4s ,5

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Repair Opening Pry Tool 4 in 1 For iPad iPhone 4, 4s ,5
Repair Opening Pry Tool 4 in 1 For iPad iPhone 4, 4s ,5


Compatible Model:For iPhone 3GS, For iPhone 4, For iPhone 5, For iPhone 5c, For iPhone 5sCompatible Brand:For Apple
MPN:ETD-DHM-4PType:Opening Tools


  • Brand New high-quality Spudger Pry Tool for opening the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and more. The tool is designed to make it easier to open up any number of electronic devices and an essential addition to any serious repair technicians tool kit. it is thin enough to fit into tight places yet firm enough to not break or bend. Be sure to use appropriate care when using this tool as it can scratch the iPhone or iPod when used carelessly
  • Professional kits make it open your screen or cover safely without scratching their surface. Good quality pry tool, a must-have repair tools & kits at home, you'll be able to easily disassemble your
    phones. Allows you to take apart your mobile devices without damage to the tablet or phone cover. Lightweight, convenient to carry. Quick disassemble and install your Phone without any damage.
  • This opening tool is specially designed for iPhones and is hard enough to get the case opened, but soft enough not to crack or chip your case. Pry tools are the same used by professional technicians to open up your iPhone.
  • 4 in 1 style metal bar with 0.8mm pentalobe with 1.2 Philips screwdriver

Package Content

1 x 4in 1 Repair Opening Pry Tool


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