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Pentalobe Magnetic Philips Driver Long Bit Screwdriver Set

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Pentalobe Magnetic Philips Driver Long Bit Screwdriver Set
Pentalobe Magnetic Philips Driver Long Bit Screwdriver Set


Compatible Brand:Universal
Compatible Model:UniversalType:Tool Kit


E.Durable Portable Multi-function Stotted Phillips Pentatobe Driver Bit, Domestic. Appliances Auto Cleaning and Repair, Electronics Tool Kit. E. Durable Multi-Magnetic Screwdriver Applicable for household electrical appliances, like washing machine, air-condition, refrigerator, electric fan, TV. micro-wave oven, Vehicle Maintenance, and Cleaning & repair. also Applicable for Medium and Small machinery maintenance, such as a computer, iPhone, laptop, PC, etc, both suit for technicians and the casual users

  • 4* Phillips PHOOO and Slotted 1.5mm (apply to most Andriod and smartphones, iPhone button screws, camera.glasses, and many other Electronic Gadgets)
  • 1* Pentalobe 0.8 and Pentalobe 1.2mm (apply to iPhone series, MacBook, tablet PC, tablet computer, android pad, tablet android, etc)
  • 1* Phillips PHO and Stotted 3.0mm (apply to the laptop.PC computer series, and kinds of instrument and apparatus)
  • 1* Phillips PHOO and Slotted 2.0mm (apply to repair kinds of Miniature instruments)
  • 1* Phillips PH2 and Slotted 6mm H6.3x70mm Screwdriver Bits
  • 1* Phillips PH2 and Slotted 6mm
  • 1* Phillips PH1 and Slotted 4mm
  • 1* Philips PH1 and Slotted Smm
  • H6.3x140mm Screwdriver Bits
  • H4x125mm Screwdriver Bits

Package Content

1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver Set


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