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9 Pcs BI-Metal Hole Saw Set Metal Woodworking Drills Bits Tool

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9 Pcs BI-Metal Hole Saw Set Metal Woodworking Drills Bits Tool
9 Pcs BI-Metal Hole Saw Set Metal Woodworking Drills Bits Tool


Shank type:Hex shankBrand:Wokin
Product Type:SawsPackage weight:about 950g
Drill Type:DrillPackage Contents:6*Bimetal Hole Saw 19/22/29/38/44 / 57mm etc
Hole punch size:19mm, 22mm, 29mm, 38mm, 44mm, 57mmType:Hole Saws
Blade length:45-50mmSub-Type:HSS Holesaw Kit
Maximum cutting depth:38mmColor:As Pictures Show
Total length:93-120mmMaterial:M3
Packing size:22.5 * 15.5 * 6.5cmEAN:6971802961773


Made of high-quality M3 bi-metal material, excellent workmanship, impact resistance, high wear resistance, and long service life. Mult-tooth cutter head, sharp tooth, small vibration, fast and stable opening, stable operation. The blade body is equipped with a special hole for chip removal, which improves the speed of removing cylindrical iron chips in the hole, and high efficiency of the hole opening “With hexagonal shank connecting rod with a center drill, stable clamping. accurate positioning and easy installation

  • Suitable for stainless steel, iron plate, aluminum alloy, galvanized pipe. gypsum board, PVC board, wood, plastic, synthetic resin, etc
  • Packed in a plastic box, and each hole has a size mark for easy viewing and carrying
  • 6PCS Hole saw:3/4°(19mm),7/8°(22mm), 1-1/8°(29mm), 1-1/2" 8mm), 1-3/4°(44mm).2-V4"(S7mm)
  • 2PC Arbors: 38°(9.5mnm)Hex shank arbor with HSS post drill for 1/2°-1-3/16°(14-30mm) hole saw. 7/16°(11mm)Hex shank arbor with HSS pilot drill for 1-1/4°-8 17/64°(32-210mm) hole saw
  • Hole punch size: 19mm, 22mm, 28mm, 38mm, 44mm, 57mm
  • Packing size: 22.5 * 15.5 * 6.5om
  • Maximum cutting depth: 38mm
  • Bi-metal Hole Saw Set BPCS
  • Package Weight: about 9509
  • Packed in blow mold case
  • Blade length: 45-50mm.
  • Total length: 93-120mm
  • Color: As Pictures Show
  • Shank type: Hex shank
  • Number of holes: 6pcs
  • Material: M3

Package Content

1 x 6 Bimetal Hole Saw 19/22/20/38/44 / 57mm
1 x 2 Connecting Rod with Drill
1 x 1 Changeover Shaft


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